Achievements to list on a CV (with career examples)

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published 3 January 2022

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Listing achievements in your CV can help you create a positive impression on a potential employer. Choosing achievements to list on your CV that apply to the jobs you're interested in is a great strategy to help an employer envision you in the role. You can use your list of achievements to demonstrate the talents or dedication you have gained in your field. In this article, we discuss examples of the achievements you can list on your CV and explore tips for implementing these achievements.

Choosing the achievements to list on a CV

When considering the achievements to list on your CV, it's important to note that these can be academic, professional or community achievements. An achievement is an accomplishment you have gained that allowed you to perform your tasks or duties to the best of your ability or beyond. Achievements may help you stand out from other candidates when vying for a job position. These achievements can show employers your dedication to the role and the value you can bring to their company.

The achievements you choose to include in your CV may vary, depending on your individual talents and experience. You may have received professional recognition or accreditation in your career or achieved a high score in a professional examination. You may also have received achievements in your education, such as academic awards or recognitions. This is especially relevant if the education you've pursued applies to the field in which you work.

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Tips for listing your achievements on your CV

You can use the following tips as a guide to crafting a list of achievements within your CV:

Specify your achievements

Giving specific details about the achievements you've gained in your career can help an employer to understand the value you may bring to a company. Specific details about your achievements could include exact numbers if you've increased profits. You could also detail the exact number of years you may have worked for a company, or other figures relating to quantifiable data.

Give context to your achievements

You can also give context to the achievements you have pursued in your career. This can help an employer understand how your achievements may apply in their company. You can give specific examples of the achievements you have earned and how you applied them in your career.

Show the impact of your achievements

You can also create a positive impression by showing a potential employer the impact of the achievements you have gained. This can involve giving the employer an insight into how your achievements have contributed positively to any previous employers. It can also help the employer visualise how your achievements may bring value to their company.

Make achievements relevant to your job application

You can also make the achievements you've gained relevant to the descriptions of the jobs to which you've applied. Ensure the achievements you've listed apply to the area about which you're sending the application. You can modify the achievements you list to ensure they're suitable for the potential employer.

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Examples of achievements to list on a CV

You can use the following examples of achievements to help you craft a successful CV:

Sales advisor

  • Performed sales calls to potential clients on a weekly basis and closed over half of my potential sales.

  • Achieved sales targets on a monthly basis and exceeded these targets by 20% annually.

  • Managed a data system of over 200 clients, responding to queries and following up on calls.

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Customer service representative

  • Increased the customer satisfaction rate of clients to 90% over two years.

  • Managed over 30 customer service tickets daily.

  • Solved challenges facing unsatisfied clients and maintained a retention rate of 40%.

Sales cashier

  • Increased correct cash out figures by over 40% over a year.

  • Supervised and trained a team of seven cashiers at a multinational company.

  • Received an employee of the year award from this multinational company.

Office administrator

  • Liaised with office supply vendors, reducing the cost of supplies by 10% over a year.

  • Managed a team of 10 office administrators and maintenance staff for the office's upkeep.

Administrative assistant

  • Liaised with senior management in an office environment, helping to schedule meetings and appointments.

  • Communicated with over 20 partners in a large company to maintain satisfaction.

  • On boarded over 25 employees to the office environment.


  • Maintained a company budget of €450,000 over a period of 10 years.

  • Ensured they attained this budget yearly.

  • Managed a team of three accountant assistants, directing tasks and company activities to ensure we met company standards.

Financial analyst

  • Created and implemented data management software, increasing the efficiency of company operations and improving productivity.

  • Managed various portfolios with a value of €500,000.

  • Reduced costs of labour and materials by 10%.

Bank teller

  • Maintained a portfolio of over 1,000 customers, with attention to detail of all transactions.

  • Maintained rapports with over 20 consumers.

  • On boarded five bank tellers during my year at the company and informed them of the rules and regulations.

Sales branch manager

  • Found qualified potential candidates to work within the branch via CV databases and reduced costs of recruiting by 25%.

  • Maintained community rapports to improve the visibility and reputation of the branch and maintain business opportunities.

  • Liaised with customers providing a superior level of customer relations and service, while also educating other staff on customer service processes.


  • Planned recruitment fairs and events to attract qualified job candidates and partnered with local community groups to facilitate presentations

  • Managed a data tracking software to maintain a system of potential job candidates.

Data analyst

  • Managed a portfolio of data and analytics to guide decisions for future marketing and advertising choices.

  • Used this data to share insights into the predictions and outcomes of using certain advertisement strategies, increasing profits by 15%.

  • Reduced the turnover of customers by 25% by using data from previous forecast analyses.

Business development manager

  • Managed the development of projects and how these can influence the growth strategies in company departments, using these strategies to set company expectations or goals.

  • Maintained partnerships with other companies in the field, resulting in revenue increases of 10%

  • Maintained partnership programmes with community groups

Project manager

  • Maintained the management of company projects, implementing software to improve marketing and accounting data.

  • Managed a total of 10 projects over five years, creating €500,000 in revenue for the company.

  • Liaised with project managers and clients while maintaining a portfolio of over 20 clients.

Marketing manager

  • Improved the performance of my previous employer's social media, increasing follower engagement by 40% and increasing follower accounts from 5,000 to 15,000 in a period of three months.

  • Worked on all major social media channels to build a growing presence.

  • Reworked copy on all social media posts and websites, leading to growing conversions of 10%.

  • Created ad campaigns by finding relevant leads, providing these to the sales team and seeing a return of 15%.

Marketing buying specialist

  • Adhered to advertising budgets on a monthly basis within strict boundaries.

  • Managed an ad spend as set out by company executives and adhered to all guidelines given.

  • Reduced the cost per click of advertisements by 5% while maintaining an excellent conversion rate, thus reducing the advertising budget.

SEO specialist

  • Implemented the management of SEO for a large multinational company.

  • Created articles and web links relating to the operations of the company, increasing web traffic and revenue by 10%.

  • Built on the organic traffic data for this multinational company, increasing organic traffic by 15%.

  • Liaised with a third-party site to create SEO relevant content pieces and apply these to the website. Ensured this content ranked highly within search engines.

IT expert

  • Adjusted IT documentation systems to improve responsiveness by 10%, increasing workplace efficiency.

  • Redesigned the company website and increased traffic by 30%.

  • Maintained the IT procedures and processes handbook to aid in on boarding over 10 employees in a period of two years.

Software engineer

  • Managed a team of five software engineers in the development of new programmes.

  • Implemented new company policies and procedures for software engineering that increased productivity by 30%.

  • Maintained software programme infrastructure across a wide variety of client portfolios.


  • Researched and published over 20 papers in highly regarded, peer-reviewed journals

  • Published a book of research studies in the field.

  • Supervised 20 master's degree candidates in their programmes.


  • Managed the behaviour of a group of 30 students on a daily basis.

  • Maintained and improved the grades of students by 20% in standardised tests.

  • Improved the average rating of each class I managed by 10%.


  • Increased Leaving Certificate grades of tutees by 10%.

  • Provided tutoring to three students in mathematics and physics.

  • Received positive feedback from all tutees.

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