Finding a Job

Career ideas and guidance to pick the right role for you.

How to Use Indeed to Job Search During COVID-19

Use job search to find relevant jobs available now.

COVID-19 and Your Job: Tips and Actions to Consider

Here are some steps to consider taking whether you’re searching for a job, need gig work quickly or have been asked to work from home.

Show Hiring Managers That You're Ready to Work

The ready to work feature signals to hiring managers on Indeed that you're immediately available to work.

Email Examples: How to Respond to an Employer Interview Request

Email examples to help you respond promptly and professionally when an employer requests an interview.

How to Ask Someone to Be Your Referee: Email Examples

Your professional referees will help you secure a great job offer. Here are several email templates to ask someone to be your referee.

What to Do If You Aren’t Hearing Back From Employers

Falling into the application black hole is a common experience during a job search. Here are five ways to build confidence and added tips to improve your CV.

How To Change Careers

Discover some of the common signs that you’re ready to change careers, steps you can take to make that happen and a few things to avoid when making a career change.

How to Write a Character Reference

Learn what a character reference is, find out how to write one and look at some character reference examples.

Highest-Paying Jobs in Ireland

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