The Past, Present and Future of Hullavington


Fancy a 23.75-karat gold edition hairdryer..?

"Dyson is to home appliances as Apple is to tech. Everything they touch turns to gold."


2018 Winners of the James Dyson Award - The O-Wind Turbine

James Dyson Award national UK winner 2018 is O-Wind. O-Wind has redesigned the wind turbine creating an omnidirectional, single axis turbine that takes advantage of horizontal and vertical winds, without requiring steering. It has the potential to be used in urban environments to generate sustainable electricity.

The Roundhouse

Another milestone in the life of Dyson! Today we opened "The Roundhouse". This facility completes Dyson Village on the Malmesbury campus – a beautiful, inspiring space for Undergraduates to live, study and socialise with new facilities including a bar and café for the whole campus to enjoy. The 62 residential pods arc out around this focal point, which offers stunning views of the Wiltshire countryside – a striking setting for the Institute’s new hub.

In the words of the Institute's Director Duncan Piper:
"The spirit of problem-solving, audacious dreaming that defines our culture, is the same one which has made The Dyson Institute possible... the future of the engineering industry."

About Dyson

We are agents of change.
We start by turning convention on it's head. We're family owned, beholden to no one, so we can forge our own path - different and authentic.
Never satisfied, we constantly strive to find a better way. We solve problems that others choose to ignore with ingenious new technologies that defy convention and simply work better.
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  • Dyson photo: Our new office in Chicago is open concept welcoming collaboration and teamwork!
  • Dyson photo: Dyson Lightcycle™ task light
  • Dyson photo: Malmesbury Campus with the Dyson Institute of Engineering and Technology in the foreground
  • Dyson photo: An artist impression of how our Hullavington airfield site will look.
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