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About Information Providers Ltd

Information Providers Ltd is an Information Technology Company, that was established in 1998, with facilities in Longford, Dublin, Manchester and Boston. We supply a wide range of Information Technology Services to the Business, Educational, Government, and Retail / Home User Sectors. Our primary services are: Web Design: including eCommerce Shops, – 


About us

SUCCESSFULLY SUPPLYING TECHNICAL SERVICES FOR 20 YEARS Today's fast-paced and data dependant world compels your Data Center, or other ICT based organisation to be more agile, deploy the latest technologies, deliver operational efficiencies, to reduce costs, and provide reliable and secure platforms. It is currently very challenging to get access to in-demand high-tech skill sets, especially at short notice, to meet all these requirements. Over the past 20 years, our ever evolving ICT world has moved from clients outsourcing their ICT projects to us, to one where our clients have direct access to our quality and experienced personnel to complement their own staff. With a primary focus on Data Centers and Cloud based expertise, we have the correct ICT skills to help your Data Center or other ICT based organisation to quickly ramp up head-count to supplement your existing staff with quality experienced people. SUPPLYING DATA CENTER EXPERTISE Whether you’re launching a new facility, or adding staff at an existing data center, you will need staff who are technically capable, have different specialties, have good customer service skills, who can positively influence availability, efficiency, and recovery from outages and disasters. Skills such as; Data center operators and administrators, SAN and networking architects, server and virtual systems administrators, security managers, cloud integration specialists, help desk technicians and agile software developers, are all paramount. WHAT CAN WE HELP YOU WITH? Data center skills are currently in high demand and you may find it challenging to find the right skill sets with good experience. We can help you in areas such as; to provide staffing during periods of intense workloads, on time-limited project work, when implementing new technology without training, when permanent staff move on to other projects, during times of skills shortages in the marketplace, to supplement staff in order to avoid budget limitations, to help fill knowledge gaps for example when auditing for specific compliance standards or installing unfamiliar equipment. FUNCTIONAL ROLES WE PERFORM Functional roles that we can perform include: Systems Management, VMWare Virtualisation, Cloud, Networking, SAN Storage, Software, Hardware installation and maintenance, Backup power systems, Data backup and archiving, Managed load balancing, Controlled Internet access, E-mail and messaging, User authentication and authorisation, Firewalls and security solutions, Supplier Management, Business continuance, Project Management, Technical Architecture Development, Operations Management, Technical Support and Data center equipment management processes. We can customise and skill up on additional roles as required. LOGISTICS AND CONFIGURATION ROLES WE ARE EXPERIENCED IN Warehousing, Inventory Management, Server Decommission & Shutdown & Redeployment, Hot Sparing, Configuration, Assembly, Staging, Kitting & Rack/Stack, Cable Pulling, Drive Erasure & Media Destruction, Return Services & Logistics, Purchasing, etc. OUR STAFF Typical technical staff qualifications include: 4 -year degree plus certifications such as VMware and Citrix , Cisco CCNA or CCIE, CompTIA, Microsoft MCSE and MCSA, and Certified Data Center Technical Professional (CDCTP). Typical software development skills: C/C++, Python, Scripting, Java vSphere vCenter, OpenStack and KVM, Cloud,, Xen, QEMU, OpenVSwitch, Erlang, Ruby, GoLang, Scala, Jenkins, Ansible, Cassandra, MySQL, PHP, MongoDB, Agile Mythologies.