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About Praxis Care

Praxis Care is governed by a board of voluntary trustees, who come from a range of professional backgrounds and give freely of their time and expertise to support, guide and challenge the organisation to fulfil its purpose. We are committed to helping those at risk of exclusion because of complexity of need. Our approach is to help the person – 

About Praxis Care - Shaped Around the Individual

Praxis Care is shaping the future of complex care in the UK, Isle of Man and Ireland.

Our Values

These are what make Praxis Care unique, helping us take the right decisions; guiding us in our work with service users, each other and the wider community. 1. Passionately Caring Praxis Care is so much more than a job. We are aware of the enormous trust placed in the uniqueness and potential of every person we support. 2. Compassionate Compassion for people who face real challenges in their lives is a defining component of what makes us Praxis Care. 3. Person Centred We assist people to make informed choices about their own lives and shape the support they receive around their individual needs and aspirations. 4. Acting with Integrity We uphold the rights of every person, ensuring their confidentiality, privacy and dignity are respected. Acting with honesty and transparency in all interactions with our service users, their families, our staff, our partners and the public. 5. Protecting Individuals The best interests of service users are paramount. We work in partnership with other organisations, safeguarding individuals, ensuring risk is managed, and encouraging positive risk taking. 6. Innovating & Improving We are committed to continuous innovation through practice based research, development of our staff and feedback from the people we support.

Why Work With Us

Investing in our people Praxis Care recognises that the quality of our service is determined by the day to day interaction between our front line staff and the service user. We recruit based on values and invest in developing the knowledge and skills of all our staff, irrespective of their role. Everyone’s contribution to that final delivery is vital, whether they work directly with service users or in a support department. Praxis Care offers 1. Career Growth & Development Providing opportunity for the continuous growth and development of our people, promoting a progressive and fulfilling career in the care sector. 2. Continuous Training Committed to the continuous learning of our people, enabling them to be the best that they can be. 3. Compassionate Culture A place to thrive; a caring culture that empowers our people to transform the lives of others – a team that love what they do. 4. Compensation & Benefits Recognising the value of our people through attractive pay and a range of benefits.

Join Our Team

Praxis Care is a great place to work. We support our employees, encouraging their career growth. Our people act with professionalism, compassion, care and respect. We have a passion for what we do and each member of our team plays a vital role in delivering quality to all of our service users. We are committed to recruiting and developing the highest calibre of candidate for each and every role within the company. Looking to accelerate your career in the care sector? We are constantly on the lookout for motivated people with the right values who are inspired by making a difference to the lives of others. You may already have extensive relevant experience or be looking to take your first step in this sector. If you think there is a fit between our values and yours, we want to hear from you. We offer a range of full or part time and relief employment opportunities across all departments and services, at all levels. We are an equal opportunities employer and are keen to receive applications from candidates who are highly motivated and focused on taking their career to the next step. 


Praxis Care is one of the best organisations for delivering high quality training and development, as well as creating an exciting and challenging place to work. We are committed to ensuring all staff members are appropriately trained and qualified for the tasks they undertake.   Throughout a career with us, we provide specifically designed, bespoke training packages ensuring that your expertise is at the forefront of care provision and enables you to provide a highly individualised support approach tailored to the specific and unique needs of each and every person. Praxis Care strongly supports career development and progression via our people development strategy, based on the principles of continuing professional development and the establishment of a learning culture across the organisation. This strategy offers our staff the opportunity to progress from Support Worker through to a Senior Management position.

Support Worker Testimonial

Finn and Louis introduce their experiences of being support workers at Praxis Care and what it takes to succeed.