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About us
Threshold is a Public Benefit Corporation that connects artists– musicians, authors, podcasters, subject matter experts, or anyone else with an established fan base– with members of that fan base who are willing to host events in their home or business.

Whether it’s a living room in Paris, a backyard patio in Austin, or a design firm in Tokyo, Threshold
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Threshold events are great for both artists and fans alike.

Artists can build deeper, more authentic connections with their fans, spend more time focusing on their craft and less on marketing, and– most excitingly– make a sustainable living wage (a Threshold artist can easily make over $800 from one event)!

Threshold is also fantastic for fans. Not only do they get to see their favorite artists up close, they also get to connect with other like-minded fans in a unique, intimate setting where everyone is there for the same reason: the artist.

Everything we do at Threshold is driven by our 'humans-first'​ philosophy.

This is why we chose to become a Public Benefit Corporation– to create a charter that holds us accountable, not solely for the creation of profit, but for the betterment of the people and communities we serve. We could create an innovative platform with awe-inspiring engineering and 10X revenue growth, but if it separates users from the better parts of their humanity it will have been an utter failure.

We want to give artists the tools to connect with their fans and earn a living wage because our world needs them— now more than ever. We want fans to connect with each other in intimate settings because we all need more opportunities to be reminded that there is more that unites us then separates us.

Our world desperately needs new ways to help bring us closer together and we at Threshold want to help make that happen.
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