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About VSDirect

Velocity Solutions Direct are a young consumer focused company who offer Integrated Client Solutions .

Our expertise ,Contacts ,Industry knowledge and above all commitment and passion to meet customers requirements are what set us apart from our competitors .

We offer the client a range of products and services from Print Management to individual
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Our slogan” Your idea “our “solution”. Sure we can save you up to 30% on print costs but the most important step for our team is to understand your requirements and what is causing you problems. This is achieved with a free client consultation and business audit if required, only then can we begin to create bespoke solutions which not only save you money but resolve your problems to allow you focus on more productive tasks.


With our team of experienced designers specialising in Retail, Pharmaceutical, Healthcare and FMCG Concepts, Photography, structural cardboard, Design and prototypes you can rest assured our team will provide a creative concept which will communicate your message with passion and clarity.


With the assistance of specialised print and procurement software we continually challenge and access our printers Quality, Service and Prices day to day to ensure you receive the best price available. As the name suggests “Display Solutions “it is not just Print Media we provide, we believe in finding a solution to your problem, which is why we also provide Acrylic and Plastic displays, Metal and wood fabrications, LED displays, Merchandise and promotional products. Once the concept is created and produced we can then offer the service of arriving at your intended location anywhere in Europe and assemble, Install, Build, Survey, Merchandise your product onsite for your convenience.


We provide a Managed supply chain solution from locally sourced products to bespoke importation of goods from China and the States. To ensure the goods that we supply are displayed and utilised on site in the quickest way possible we also provide an installation and merchandising service, effectively covering all types of client requirements from hand delivering a display stand to a shop in Scotland or Cork, assembling the stand, merchandising the stand with your product, taking photos of the stand to onsite consumer surveys at the stand and more.


To ensure we stay in control of your requirements we use the latest online technology to manage your requirements, from Asset management of all your imagery and artworks in a secure environment, online design collaboration, online ordering, online quotations, warehousing and stock maintenance to ensure your colleagues or customers always have important documents and products to hand, bespoke online reporting tracking orders placed cost analysis ,track and tracing and much more. Our Management Information technology gives you instant data the full financial control to ensure your business operates seamlessly.