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Hire up to 10 times faster.Indeed data (US)

Quickly reach the interview stage with quality talent using the reach of the world’s largest hiring platform.Comscore, Total Visits, March 2021

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Why it works:

  1. Save time and speed by recruiting with automation

    We automate more than 70% of the recruitment steps to help teams interview screened candidates faster.Indeed data (US)

  2. Reach more diverse and engaged talent

    Glassdoor and Indeed receive over 65M visits each monthSimilarWeb, Average Monthly Total Visits, Q1 2022With Indeed Hiring Platform, screened candidates who meet your recruitment requirements can instantly schedule interviews with your team. Help expedite recruitment for everyone.

  3. Better candidate and interviewer experiences

    Interview and rate candidates, all on Indeed Hiring Platform. 81% of interviewed candidates are positively rated by employers, and 90% of jobseekers rate the experience favourably.Indeed data (UK)

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Connect with people searching for work across Indeed, Glassdoor and our Trusted Media Network.

When talent across Indeed and Glassdoor express interest in your open roles, we help you immediately screen and schedule quality candidates for interviews. Speed matters – increase scheduled interviews 3.2 times with Indeed Hiring Platform.Indeed data (US)

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Automate candidate screening and interview scheduling.

Cut out 90% of the time spent on manual recruitment tasks like scanning CVs, pre-screening talent and confirming candidate interviews.Indeed data (US) Configure assessments and screening requirements using our expansive set of options. Eligible candidates can then automatically schedule interviews with your team.

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Built for effective virtual interviewing.

With no apps to download or links to manage, Indeed provides a seamless virtual interview experience for employers and candidates alike. Interview over video or the phone depending on your business needs. Preview CVs, take notes and log candidate disposition data all within the Indeed Interview experience.

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View your recruitment performance all in one location.

Indeed Hiring Platform provides a holistic view of your recruitment funnel, from jobseeker interest signals to interview disposition data. An all-in-one solution is not only cost-effective, but also provides visibility into every aspect of your recruitment. 

Companies hiring with the help of Indeed Hiring Platform

The ease and convenience offered by Indeed Hiring Platform simplifies the process for both candidates and employers. Indeed [automates communications] with your candidates via email and text messages prior to the interview sessions to make sure they are fully prepared."

Erin DeLacy, Talent Acquisition Strategist Natural Grocers

885 hires made. [Indeed Hiring Platform] is easy to use for candidates and hiring teams and has been our go-to tool to continue hiring in this ever-changing hiring landscape!”

Jaime Lavoie, Hiring Support Center Manager CVS Company

Indeed has found a way to automate the hiring process that increases candidate quality. This technology helps automate one of the most labor intensive parts of recruiting allowing recruiters to focus on what they do best.”

Founder Workology

Using Indeed Hiring Platform, we were able to interview 183 candidates with 30 interviewers in just four hours, and 129 of them went on to second interviews!"

Tracy Hill, Group Talent Acquisition Manager Enterprise Holdings
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